Dr Ather Gattami

AI Podcaster

Embodied in Dr. Ather Gattami’s professional persona is a distinguished researcher, dynamic entrepreneur, and renowned expert in AI, machine learning, and data analytics. His brainchild, Bitynamics AB, is a prominent consulting firm dedicated to transforming businesses into AI-centric entities. His influence extends to the digital audio sphere as the progenitor and host of a highly acclaimed AI podcast. His expertise is routinely sought internationally, with his enlightening presentations gracing platforms such as Sveriges Radio and Expressen. He adeptly translates complex AI concepts into a digestible, popular scientific discourse through these appearances.

Charlotte Mattfolk


An entrepreneurial savant and futurist management consultant, Charlotte frequently integrates discussions on digitalization, AI, and the catalysis of innovation and transformation in her lectures. Her profound expertise and ability to elucidate future possibilities have garnered comparisons with Hans Rosling’s transformative perspective presentations. Blending visionary foresight with an entrepreneurial spirit, Mattfolk often articulates potential future scenarios, touching on evolving consumer behaviours, our interaction with dominant technologies, emerging values and perspectives, and prospective new business models and company-building strategies

Anders J Larsson

Anders’ academic portfolio includes studies in system development, business economics, and marketing at Handels, intellectual history at Stockholm University, film at the New York Film Academy and MetFilm School in London, and photography and visual communication at Berghs. For over two decades, he has assumed leadership roles, including CEO and middle management positions in various Swedish IT firms. Anders is immersed in digital marketing, specializing in web-based and social media film content. At Berghs, he imparts knowledge of AI for creative processes, social video, and independent live broadcasting.

Petronella Barvaeus

Maniola Studios

Maniola Studios: Embarking on her professional journey with the web portal Spray, Petronella Barvaeus now shines as a consultant and esteemed co-founder of Maniola Studios. Her multifaceted experience spans digital marketing and business development, where she has been instrumental in nurturing burgeoning tech startups and fortifying well-established brands across diverse sectors. Further enhancing her professional repertoire, she is a revered speaker, a proficient course instructor, and an adept facilitator.

Torkel Öhman

Amanda AI

As the CTO of Amanda AI, Torkel Öhman plays an instrumental role in developing and optimizing automated campaigns for Google Ads, Meta, and Bing through machine learning. Their cutting-edge tool scans an e-commerce platform’s entire product inventory, generating tailored ads for each item across various platforms. Additionally, the tool analyzes ad performance to inform future strategies. Presently, Amanda AI boasts a 30-strong team.

Fredrik Schlyter

With a foundational background in computer engineering, Fredrik Schlyter brings over half a decade of technical expertise in data science and machine learning to his work. His experience traverses diverse sectors, including fintech, agritech, proptech, and last-mile deliveries. He is proficient in various methodologies, such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and, more recently, Large Language Models. As an independent consultant, Fredrik adeptly aids organizations by addressing data and machine learning inquiries from both technical and strategic standpoints.

Chris Rodriguez

Chris posits that life isn’t designed to serve success on a platter but rather to offer challenges that stimulate growth. The key, he believes, is to dare, try, and learn swiftly from failure. His ” failures ” have propelled him on unexpected journeys, from aircraft engineering to wave surfing and, recently, to become a TEDx speaker. Abandoning his aerospace engineer position, he pursued his passion: inspiring and coaching individuals. He’s delving into the world of generative AI and content creation. Boasting a decade of professional experience, he’s navigated over 10 career changes, with roles ranging from an agile coach and graphic designer to a business developer, surf camp manager, and even a food photographer! 

Karin Hamberg Stén

To achieve the desired results from an AI, you need to know what you want and how to ask for it – something Karin is an expert at. Using the AI service Midjourney, Karin created a notable project that has been exhibited in an art gallery. Karin Hamberg Stén has a background in the tech industry and has ten years of experience working with developers in technical startups. Today, Karin is an AI Prompt Specialist, a board member of Atergo, and the communications manager at Familjen Sthlm.

Nagesh Jadhav

A seasoned semiconductor processing and manufacturing professional, Jadhav holds a Master’s degree in Micro and Nano Systems and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. His tenure as a process transfer engineer at Silex Microsystems has furnished him with extensive experience in MEMS manufacturing, SPC, DOE, technology transfer, machine qualification, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.


Jessica Guter

Head of Strategy and Operations, Kive

Jessica is Head of Strategy and Operations at Kive, an AI platform for creators. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, and comes previously from Wolt and Norrsken Foundation. At House of AI, she’ll be speaking about how Kive uses AI to make creative processes more effective.